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What is Normal Anxiety?
What is normal anxiety?
Anxiety can be described as a feeling of alarm or “worry”. It may be about something specific or it may be non-specific in nature. A certain amount of anxiety is normal and helps improve our performance and allows people to avoid dangerous situations. This normally lasts for a short period causing no impairment in social or occupational functioning. When this anxiety is prolonged and affects social or occupational functioning, it's abnormal and accounts for anxiety "disorder".
Anxiety Neurosis is commonly misspelled as Anxiety Nuerosis, Anxiety Nerosis, Anxity Neurosis, Anxiety Nurosis. Anxiety Neurosis is called as Chinta neurosis in Hindi.

Anxiety Neurosis is commonly misspelled as Anxiety Neurosis, Anxiety Neurosis, Anxiety Neurosis, Anxiety Neurosis. Anxiety Neurosis is called as Chinta neurosis in Hindi and Chinta majjatantuncha wikaar in Marathi.
General presentation of Anxiety disorders:
Patients often experience a state of intense apprehension, uncertainty, and fear resulting from the anticipation of a threatening event or situation, often to a degree that normal physical and psychological functioning is disrupted. This may be precipitated due to several reasons which are generally easily identified by the patient himself. The anxiety is to a greater degree than just everyday worries and patients do mention that they are not able to control these worries. They are frequently accompanied by physical symptoms as well. These symptoms have to present for most days at least for several weeks at a time.

Anxiety disorders also manifest as physical symptoms along with psychological symptoms. Some of the common things that patients experience are as follows:

* Feeling that something undesirable or harmful is about to happen (edginess and apprehension) 
* Dry mouth; swallowing difficulty; hoarseness
* Rapid breathing and heartbeat, palpitations
* Twitching or trembling
* Muscle tension; headaches; backache
* Sweating
* Difficulty in concentrating
* Dizziness or faintness
* Nausea; diarrhea; weight loss
* Sleeplessness
* Irritability
* Fatigue
* Nightmares
* Memory problems
* Sexual impotence
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